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House + Lashes is located in the heart of Fitzsimons / Aurora area. HL operations are held in a ranch style home constructed in the early 50’s. This vintage home was subsequently converted into an eyelash and skin care studio with high – end luxury upgrades added to it. Our overall goal at HL is to render our clients a cozy, intimate  setting while away from home. Enjoy our outstanding amenities like relaxing music and refreshing beverages.

Our Services

House + Lashes offers premium eyelash extensions.

Natural $175

For those who desire to enhance / emphasize their natural lashes, the natural set is ideal for you. We recommend  natural eyelash extensions for clients who hold a good amount of natural lashes.

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Light Volume $275

Light Volume extensions are for clients who require a fuller look than the natural set.

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Volume $300

Volume lashes are ideal for clients who desire a fuller / voluminous look. The method utilized for creating volume style lashes is simply combining multiple lashes to one natural eyelash.

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House + Lashes Founder

Joann  is the founder of House + Lashes, licensed esthetician and certified eyelash technician. Joann pride her self in precisely applying and customizing the perfect lash extensions for each H + L client. Come to H + L and experience the best in skin care products and eyelash extensions. Book your appointment today!

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H + L Location: Residental Neighborhood

Service Hours: Appointments Only


Eyelash extensions are replicas of natural lashes. The medical grade adhesive we use to bond extensions to natural lashes, is a latex and formaldehyde free adhesive.

The longevity of your extensions primarily depends on the rate your natural lashes shed and after care regimen.

-No mascara
-No oil base products
-No water for the first 24 hours
We recommend  2-3 week refill to maintain the fullness of your lashes. Make sure to wash and brush your lashes daily to prolong your lash extensions.